~In The World Of Demigods~

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Recently I started reading the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. The AMAZING series written by Rick Riordan, is all about greek myths and stuff. The main demigod hero is a teenager “Percy Jackson”, and the story is all about he and his friends, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, Rachel and soo many more…Plotting against the Evil Titan king “Kronos”..who is about to rise from the great depths of Tartarus (sort of like a prison in hell).

The story is written as 5 installments. Each book features an awesome adventure of Percy and friends..and finally the battle with Kronos.

After reading the series , it is clear that Riordan has dug so deep into greek mythology to enhance his stories. With subtle wit and the hilarious “Percy dialogues”, it is a stress reliever..although Riordan has brought out so many suspense an twists in the story line.

The story is mostly happening in “Camp Half Blood” , where demigods  (children of gods with mortals) come to camp and train for their life as demigods.

The gripping storyline along with wit has gained a lot of followers for the series.

Riordan has done a marvelous work, and has surely contributed his share into English literature, although the story is said in a simple way.

Surely, any teenager will LOVE this series.

The series has a sequel called “Heroes of Olympus”, which  I will be writing about soon.

Happy Reading 🙂


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